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Understanding Boiler Work Principles

The basic working principle of a boiler is very very simple and easy to understand. steam boilers ktel steam is basically a closed container where water is stored. Fuel (generally coal) is bunt in a furnace and hot gas is produced. This hot gas is in contact with a water vessel where heat from this hot gas is transferred to water and consequently steam is produced in the boiler. Then this steam is channeled to a thermal power turbine. There are many types of boilers that are used for different purposes such as running a production unit, cleaning several areas, sterilizing equipment, to warm the environment etc.

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Types of Boilers :

Types of Boilers There are two types of boilers – water tube boilers and fire tube boilers.
In a fire tube boiler, there are a number of tubes through which hot gas is passed and water surrounds this tube.
Water tube boilers are the opposite of fire tube boilers. In a boiler tube water is heated in a tube and hot gas surrounds this tube.
These are the two main types of kettle but each type can be divided into many which we will discuss later.

Fire Tube Boilers

As the name suggests, the fire tube boiler consists of a number of tubes through which hot gas is passed. This hot gas canister is dipped in water, in a closed container. Actually in a boiler fire tube one container or a closed shell filled with water, which is passed by a hot tube. The fire tube or hot gas cylinder heats the water and turns the water into steam and the steam stays in the same vessel. Because water and steam are both on the same boat, the fire tube boiler cannot produce steam at very high pressure. In general it can produce a maximum of 17.5 kg / cm 2 and with a capacity of 9 Metric Tons of steam per hour.

Fire Tube Boiler Type
There are various types of fire tube boilers too, external furnaces and internal fire tube furnaces.
External furnace boilers can be categorized into three different types-

Horizontal Return Tubular Boilers.
Short Fire Box Boilers.
Compact Boilers.
Once again, internal fire tube boiler boilers also have two main categories such as horizontal tube fire tube and vertical fire tube boiler.

Boiler uap steam vertikal

Horizontal return fire tube boilers are typically used in low capacity thermal power plants. It consists of horizontal drums in which there are a number of horizontal tubes. This tube is submerged in water. Fuel (usually coal) is burned under this horizontal drum and flammable gases move back from where they entered the fire tube and head towards the front into the smoke box. During the passage of gases in the tube, they move their heat into the water and steam bubbles appear. When steam is produced, boiler pressure develops, on the closed vessel.

Benefits of Fire Tube Boilers:
It’s quite compact in construction. Fluctuations in steam demand can be met easily. It’s also quite cheap.

Fire Tube Boiler Disadvantages:
Because the water needed for boiler operation is large enough, it takes a long time to increase steam at the desired pressure.
Because water and steam are in the same container, very high steam pressure is not possible.
The steam received from the fire tube boiler is not too dry.

Water Tube Boilers
A water tube boiler is a kind of boiler where water is heated in a tube and hot gas surrounds them.
steam boiler. This is the basic definition of a water tube boiler. Actually this boiler is just the opposite of a fire tube boiler where hot gas is passed through a tube surrounded by water.

There are many types of water tube boilers, such as

Straight Horizontal Tube Boilers.
Bent Tube Boilers.
Fired Typhoon Boilers.
Horizontal Straight Tube Boilers can again be divided into two types,

Longitudinal Drum Water Tube Boilers.
Cross Drum Water Tube Boilers.
Bent Tube Boilers can also be divided into four types,

Two Bent Tube Boiler Drums.
Three Drum Bent Tube Boiler.
Low Head Boiler Three Bent Tube Drum.
Four Bent Tube Boiler Drums.
Advantages of Water Tube Boilers
There are many advantages of a water tube boiler because this type of boiler is basically used in large thermal power plants.

Larger heater surfaces can be achieved by using more numbers of water tubes.
Because of the convection flow, the movement of water is much faster than fire tube boilers, so the high heat transfer rate results in higher efficiency. Very high pressure so that 140 kg / cm 2 can be obtained smoothly. Lack of Water Tube Boilers The main disadvantage of water tube boilers is that they are not compact in construction. The price is not cheap. Size is difficult for transportation and construction.


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