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KSB Etanorm SYT oil pump center in Indonesia

KSB SYT oil pump is one of the tools that helps driving with a strong pressure according to the capacity and type of pump, pushing a material or pump object KSB syt is also often used for industrial plants such as for boiler engines, thermall oil, steam, etc. in the presence of the KSB SYT pump is a machine or tool that wants fast movements and high duration, then the task of the KSB SYT pump. Our company PT Indira Dwi Mitra is an industry-based company, boiler fabrication also provides various types of needs for the KB pump with the needs of the industry in need.

Every time it gets hot, you need a specialist at hand. The KSB Etanorm SYT as well as the Etaline and Etabloc SYT variants all offer high-level operating reliability. Etanorm SYT thermal oil pump This hot water or thermal oil pump is suitable for use in heat transfer systems (for DIN 4754 and VDI 3033) or for hot water circulation. They are the ideal choice for handling mineral-based and synthetic heat transfer fluids. The high level of operating reliability achieved by KSB SYT is facilitated by optimal ventilation that is ensured through the highly effective VenJet® ventilation chamber. In addition, this variant has an anti-capture carbon bearing that is lubricated by the liquid being handled and an extra strong design.

Pompa KSB Etanorm SYT

Your benefits at a glance:

Highly effective contour ventilation with patented VenJet® KSB for optimized ventilation, Casing using replaceable rings, Bearing brackets easily disassembled, Double mechanical seals in tandem arrangement, Shaft seal rings between mechanical seals and bearings protect ball bearings in the groove against liquid ingress heat transfer, Impeller guaranteed by Nord-Lock washer for maximum operating reliability Reinforced C4 type deep-groove ball bearings by filling a special grease for long life Hydraulic system optimized for high efficiency Impeller is trimmed as standard for pump operation at the best efficiency point Especially saving energy with KSB SuPremE® IE5 motor * Hydraulic test run to ISO 9906 2B, 3B or 2U available Etanorm SYT with KSB SuPremE® motor and PumpDrive wall For maximum efficiency in heat applications you want more energy saving options? For variable load profiles, we recommend combining SYT with the KSB SuPremE® IE5 * motor. In this way, your SYT Etanorm will operate more efficiently. And with a wall or control cabinet mounted, the PumpDrive variable speed system, an impressive value can be increased even further

Benefits of Produck

▪ Increased efficiency and NPSHreq by experimental design of the hydraulic impeller (propeller)
▪ Low energy costs through future actions Commission Regulations 547/2012 (MEI minimum science index ≥ 0.4)
▪ Operating costs by trimming the diameter impeller to match the exact duty point
▪ Low wear, low vibration level and very smooth running colors thanks to good suction performance and virtually cavitation-free operation wide operating range
▪ Casing that is sealed reliably – even in a variety of operating conditions – with limited casing gasket
▪ A variety of materials to fit the pump perfectly for respectable liquids. A wide variety of materials for many applications are available as standard
▪ Expanded Chart options with additional pump sizes for small flow rates
▪ Easily disassembled with forced screws provided in the cover frame and lantern bearing lanterns

Jual pompa KSB Centrifugal

Main Application
Pumps for handling clean or aggressive liquids are not chemically and mechanically aggressive towards pump materials.
▪ Water supply system
▪ Cooling circuit
▪ Swimming pool
▪ Fire extinguishing system
▪ Irrigation system
▪ Drainage System
▪ Heating system
▪ AC system
▪ Spray irrigation system

Fluid handled
▪ Sea water
▪ Brackish water
▪ Drink water
▪ Hot water
▪ Water service
▪ Fire extinguisher water
▪ Brine
▪ Cleaning agent
▪ Condensate
▪ Oil

Design details Design
▪ Volatile casing pumps
▪ Horizontal mounting
▪ Pull back design

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